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Step into the Limelight

Limelight is an easy-to-use, wireless lighting control solution for outdoor spaces. Light your parking lots, garages, pathways and any other external spaces safely, reliably, and with minimal maintenance.

parking garage

Elevate the Parking Experience

Parking doesn’t need to be a dark, scary undertaking, and the lighting can help. With grouped luminaire motion sensor control, you can illuminate an area or entire level at once instead of fixture by fixture, providing a more comfortable and safer walk from your car at night.

parking lot

Simplify facility management

Limelight lets you take intuitive control—you can set it, forget it, or become an advanced user. To keep it simple, after initial set up you will be automatically subscribed to email alerts telling you when maintenance or troubleshooting attention is needed. Or take advantage of the advanced diagnostic tools to help with intelligent programming.

enterprise vue desk

Enterprise Vue

Incorporate your exterior lighting solutions seamlessly with your building’s interior—allowing you to manage and monitor from a single platform. From your car, to your walk inside, to your entrance lobby, to your office.

aerial view of parking light lit up at night

Saving energy just got easier

With smart top-of-the-line programmatic capabilities, Limelight shines the light when you need it—and only when you need it. Automate light levels based on daylighting functionality or motion sensor data—and watch your energy bill shrink. Limelight also measures each fixture’s energy savings, making it crystal clear where you can save more energy—and reduce costs.

parking lot lit up at night

Simple to design and install

The design is as simple as counting the fixtures. Program and control up 800 luminaires from anywhere, on any device — all from a single and secure wireless gateway. Embed Limelight technology into the exterior fixture of your choice, with options installed at the factory or in the field.

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