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Office building with adaptive personalized lighting controls

Adaptive and personalized control

Lutron leverages technology to create dynamic spaces with personal controls and simple automation.

Persons hand with keyboard and pico wireless lighting control remote

Personalize each moment with one button

Modify your workstation, change the lighting in a
room, or adapt a lecture hall for its next seminar
with one control: wired or wireless, in a range of
aesthetics, and able to meet many protocols.

Open office with smart adaptive lighting

Smart systems

Lutron's smart technology is powerful, adaptable,
integrates efficiently with other systems, and helps
you create an environment that supports your people
and your objectives.

Office break area and conference room with light sensors in walls

Sensors do the work for you

A range of sensors constantly adjust lights and
shades to environmental conditions without you
having to press a button, keeping you moving
efficiently and on task.






Adaptive and personalized control in action

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