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Connected lighting control for smart buildings and human-centric experiences

Athena is a dynamic, all-in-one lighting control system that combines the magic of light with intelligent shades and connected lighting apps to enhance any space—and optimise operations at any property.

New to Athena

New to Athena

The Athena Dashboard takes Athena’s powerful lighting system to greater heights, providing detailed building management insights and flexible fixture control in a single platform.

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The best light is your own

With Athena, light is yours to create, yours to control, and yours to personalise. Make a design statement with any light fixture you choose – controlled from one system.

Nurture a mood in spaces large and small, with tunable white and warm dimming. Use light as an amenity – enhancing the experience in restaurants, galleries, spas, and more. Personalise the moment with user-friendly apps that make it easy to change your lighting scene – and then change it back.

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Lighting design without compromise

Commercial projects are complex. Lighting doesn’t have to be.

Start with daylight, and bring the outdoors in with Lutron blinds. Add best-in-class tunable white with DALI Type 8. Introduce any other light fixtures you like: a best-in-class LED+ universal phase control dimmer allows control of all load types from a single system.

With no minimum load requirement, even a single downlight can be its own zone, preserving design flexibility. The right-sized processor delivers a solution fit for spaces – and budgets – small and large.

Athena lighting designer app

Lighting software puts simplicity in the palm of your hands

The Athena App enables you to intuitively program and personalise scenes in real-time. Adjust colour temperature, set scenes, and create timeclock events to make the light just right.

The Athena Dashboard streamlines building management at scale—and offers data visualisation for space optimisation, commercial energy savings, and more. Access it from anywhere to make global system changes, or to view reports.

Athena App

Athena App

Fine-tune your designs and set lighting scenes using your mobile iOS or Android device, all at your own pace.

Athena Dashboard

Athena Dashboard

Empower smarter building management decisions with energy and space utilisation reports.


Ready for today, evolving for tomorrow

Athena is a connected lighting solution that increases in value over time. The system stays current with automatic software updates, downloading new features when they're made available - and offers you a future-proof way to engage with your lighting space.

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