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Lutron Code-smart Guestroom System

Advanced Capabilities for Budget-Conscious Guestrooms

The Code-Smart Guestroom System is an individual guestroom automation solution for lighting, with options for temperature and receptacle control. It is ideal for mid-scale guestrooms, senior living, dormitories, and more. This advanced system knows when guests are in the room – even when they are sleeping – to keep the room dialed in to their preferences.

Lutron Code-smart Guestroom System saves energy

Save Energy

Optimize energy savings without compromising guest experience. Guest presence detection uses advanced technology to know when the room is occupied or unoccupied. Lights, receptacles, and temperature controls adapt to occupancy – turning off lights and dialing back the temperature when the room is vacant.

Lutron Code-smart Guestroom System minimizes the number of vendors needed

Support Energy Code Compliance

Energy codes vary state-by-state, and even city-by-city. With two package options, Lutron solutions support lighting requirements for the major energy codes followed in most project locations. Circuit-level control eliminates a “Frankenstein system” of mismatched parts and pieces otherwise necessary to meet code requirements.

Hotel guestroom control requirements to save energy and meet code

Meet Budget

Less equipment, fewer vendors, and no factory startup requirement ensures you have a comprehensive solution that meets your budget.

Lutron Code-smart Guestroom System architecture diagram

Simplify Design and Installation

Minimize planning and coordination with a single, pre-packaged kit of equipment per room. Intuitive, button-press programming minimizes call-backs and keeps projects on schedule.

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