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Get in control with Quantum

Quantum is the networked lighting control system that powers smarter, more advanced building operations—with the capability to control over 10,000 devices. The powerhouse system provides lighting control, shade control, advanced programming, and energy management from a single platform.

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Advanced capabilities and customization

Quantum is capable of managing thousands of lights, shades, and smart sensors across workplaces, universities, and hospitals around the globe—while still providing fixture-by-fixture precision.

Unlock unlimited customization, and select from a range of system options including keypad aesthetics, sensor types, integration capabilities, and advanced conditional logic.

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Responsive, connected, integrated

Connect the dots between each and every light fixture. Quantum offers a responsive solution that adapts your space to fit occupants’ current tasks and time of day. With a smart system brain and centralized server, and with open integration capabilities. Quantum adds a layer of intelligence to your operations—creating more productive spaces, and more productive people.

Building management software for Quantum lighting control system

Unlock operational visibility with Quantum Vue

Quantum makes it simple to be smart. The system’s building management dashboard—Quantum Vue—provides both global control capabilities and advanced analytics to inform better energy savings, higher space utilization, easier maintenance scheduling, and smarter building use decisions. From any PC or tablet, access occupancy and energy reports, customize alerts, update schedules, activate load-shed events, and more.

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Enterprise-Level Control

Enterprise Vue software enables easy analytics and reporting across your entire real estate portfolio - poviding multi-building, multi-system analytics and controls, all from a single sign-on.

Quantum System Options

    Quantum Vue
    Enterprise Vue

    Enterprise Level building management & analytics


    Design Software

    Occupancy/ Vacancy Sensor

    Ceiling and wall sensor

    Daylight Sensor

    Daylight sensor

    Window Sensor

    Window Sensor

    Sivoia QS

    Architectural Shade Applications

    Alena Drapery

    Pull-to-start drapery


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