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Lutron Security Statement

Lutron Security Statement

Lutron takes cybersecurity very seriously. We actively monitor the threat landscape and take a proactive approach to security and privacy, continuously working to update and enhance our systems and processes.

At Lutron, we call our approach to cybersecurity “Secure Lifecycle,” and we are pleased to present the following steps we take to protect your security and privacy:

  • Security by Design—When building a new system, Lutron utilizes a dedicated security team to ensure best practices are implemented. Security is built in. It is not an afterthought or an add-on.
  • Third-Party Validation—Security is complicated. Lutron has a dedicated team of internal experts, but we also leverage external experts to double-check our work and to make security recommendations.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Improvements—Security is a constantly moving target. Lutron uses a dedicated security team to continuously monitor for potential threats and, when needed, send out security patches to update installed systems.
  • Ongoing Support—Lutron has the resources you need to answer questions about security when they arise.

Product Lifecycle Policy

Lutron products are designed to the highest quality and performance standards to meet our guiding principle: Take Care of The Customer. Eventually, all Lutron products – residential, commercial, and shading solutions – will reach the end of their lifecycle. Component limitations, technical advancements, innovation, changes in market demands, enhanced functionality, and alternative solutions contribute to a product’s lifecycle.

The Lutron Product Lifecycle policy helps our customers prepare for end-of-life product transitions and plan for appropriate product replacements or software upgrades. For information on how and for how long we actively support and service installed products in the residential or commercial space, please visit the link(s) below:

Lutron Security and Privacy Statements

Product Security

Advanced technologies are critical to the enhanced operation of Lutron wireless and connected control solutions. Integrated security capabilities and components are built into all of our smart products and systems, and we take the privacy and security of our customers and customer data very seriously.

Privacy Policies and Notices

Taking care of our customers starts with protecting their personal or corporate information. We understand you care deeply about how your personal information is used. Our privacy policies explain what personal information we collect in the course of Lutron business operations, how we use your personal information, what rights you have in our use of your personal information.

Reporting a Security Vulnerability

If you believe you have experienced, or you have become aware of a product security issue, you are strongly encouraged to contact the Lutron Product Security Team via the provided contact form.

You will receive an initial response within 48 hours.

You can expect follow-up contact from our team every 14 days until the issue has been resolved

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