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Inteli Educational Complex

Lighting that Powers an Agile, Modern Education

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São Paulo, Brazil


Pitá Arquitetura


Maurício Moreno


An Educational Complex for Brazil's Future Tech Leaders

The Institute of Technology and Leadership (Inteli) is the first project-based tech college in Brazil. Its high-profile, highly publicized mission is to offer the most cutting-edge technology-centric education in the country. To accomplish this feat, the design team at Pitá Arquitetura upended the standard approach to learning-environment design by embracing the latest technology and catering to visual comfort. Getting the lighting right was critical.

Achieving Agile Design in an Educational Setting

In crafting Inteli, the design team applied elements of the Agile Manifesto – a revolutionary approach that defines clear objectives to ensure the right products and systems are selected.

Design Goals
  1. Provide even, uniform lighting for every student
  2. Create flexibility in classrooms and common areas to match the requirements of different tasks
  3. Develop decorative themes throughout the interior with controlled RGB lighting
  4. Ensure systems are easy to use and understand

"We knew that the Athena system was really flexible and so simple that anyone could use it. In the end, it was the perfect choice for the project."

Fernanda Tendolini

Head of Lighting Design, Pitá Arquitetura

Choosing the Right Lighting Control System

Athena is an architectural-grade commercial lighting control solution and a powerful tool for creating next-level learning environments. The cornerstones of this advanced system are its simplicity and its flexibility. Architects and lighting designers around the world use Athena to create lighting scenes that can be activated with a single button press.


The Solution

Classrooms with Great Views from Every Angle

Inteli classrooms are pentagonal and organized without a clear front or back. They incorporate a whiteboard on every wall and retractable screens at every table. Wireless Pico remotes make it easy for teachers to turn overhead lights off and raise/lower perimeter lighting so every instructional surface is easy to see.


Beyond the classrooms, Inteli's auditorium is used for both daily classes and special guest lectures. In this space the design team developed a rich and flexible visual environment with layers of dimmable lighting. The Athena lighting control system coordinates everything to ensure a simple button press creates the perfect setting for every lesson and lecture.


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Common Areas with Uncommon Control

The general assembly area at the heart of the school features a large bleacher installation where students gather. Luminaires are organized into several on/off zones that are automatically adjusted by Athena so the lighting levels support the way the area is being used, any time of day.

Create Excitement and Awareness with RGB Themes

The interior walls that flank the auditorium have an integrated RGB lighting element. Staff use the Athena touchscreen to change the color and intensity of these lights. This pop of color creates excitement around an event or speaker and raises awareness for certain causes.



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The Results

Designing for a Cutting-Edge Education

The result of this extraordinary design approach? The technology supports the individual preferences of teaching staff. Every corner of this complex is crafted to promote curiosity, collaboration, and communication. Inteli students are getting a cutting-edge education.

“We applied a unique design strategy to this place. It was a risk. We’ve learned that the students are studying throughout the building and staying longer in the classrooms and the teachers are happy. The design—it’s working.”

Heloisa de Santis

Architect, Pitá Arquitetura

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