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Athena Wireless Node

Wireless, embedded fixture control for the Athena lighting control system

Athena Wireless Node

Tiny Controller. Tremendous Power.

The Athena wireless node—interoperable, adaptable, and built for what’s next. This coin-sized, integrated fixture control brings wireless flexibility, ever-advancing performance, and breakthrough lighting control to Athena systems.

Across-the-Board Compatibility 

Simplify fixture control and on-the-job redesigns. The Athena wireless node is compatible with DALI 2 Type 6 and Type 8 and 0-10V. It’s designed to meet the open, globally accepted D4i standard, so almost any fixture can be wirelessly Athena-enabled. 

Wireless Flexibility

Make design changes pre- or post-occupancy without having to rewire. With a network of Athena wireless nodes, design and iterate freely, without the restrictions of wired zones, quickly adapt lighting for events, or fully transform the layout of your space. 

Cloud-Connected and Secure

Gain features and functionality over time. With Athena’s cloud-connected back end, Athena wireless node gets continuous software upgrades as they’re released, unlocking new system capabilities. Because Lutron encrypts and authenticates all updates with signed-processor firmware, the system stays bank-grade secure.

Athena Wireless Node video
Intuitive Apps

The Athena wireless node and Lutron Dashboard take Athena’s powerful lighting system to greater heights, providing detailed building management insights and flexible fixture control in a single platform.

BlackRock sitting area, Eric Laignel
Synchronized with the Day

The Athena wireless node integrates into compatible DALI-controlled fixtures to tune the correlated color temperature (CCT) throughout the day and emulate the cycles of the sun.

Athena Wireless Node (AWN) Enabled Fixtures

    Downlights include cylinders and point source pendants

    Troffers include flat panels

    Linears include linear pendants and tape lights