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Flexible Vive lighting control with a powerful connection to the outdoors.

A shot of the entrance courtyard at PGA Tour HQ, light woods, and curved lines define the space, with multiple levels of outdoor seating under a wooden ceiling that protects from the Florida elements

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Lighting Designer:

Lumen Architecture

Design Architect:

Foster + Partners


Jordan & Skala

Electrical Contractor:

Miller Electric


In the 1970s, the PGA TOUR chose beautiful Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, for its headquarters. After 50 years of growth and expansion employees were scattered among 17 buildings, meeting space was at a premium, and collaboration was tricky. To create a new space for its employees, loyal fans, and business partners, the PGA TOUR engaged the renowned architectural firm, Foster + Partners to design a modern headquarters focused on sustainability, flexibility, and connection to the outdoors.


More meeting space and better access to natural light were at the top of employee wish lists. A Lutron Vive wireless lighting control system complemented the open design while ensuring easy installation, tremendous flexibility, and energy savings.

Design Goals
  1. Forge connections with the outdoors by employing the principles of biophilic design throughout the facility
  2. Bring the whole workforce together in an environment that is uplifting, inspiring, and communal
  3. Create a sustainable space that maximizes natural light, reduces solar heat gain, and supports a LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environment Design) Gold certification
  4. Employ a flexible lighting control system that invites employees to personalize their environment, allows for individual fixture control, and makes it easy to rezone over time

“As a hub for professional golf, as well as a leading sports/entertainment company, we wanted the PGA TOUR’s new headquarters facility to be an inviting, open, and inclusive space that served multiple purposes while also reflecting our organization’s commitment to environmental responsibility.”

Kirsten Sabia

Vice President of Integrated Communications, PGA TOUR

The Solution

Key to the Vive solution is the flexibility that comes with wireless technology. All the wall controls and sensors are wireless so it is easy to add, subtract, or move controls as needed, and fixtures can be easily regrouped using the Lutron app. To ensure the lighting control is both energy efficient and adaptive, more than 1700 Vive in-fixture controllers and sensors are installed throughout the 187,000 sq. ft. building, tied together by 19 Vive Hubs to create a truly centralized system. A unique aspect of the Lutron solution was the ability to custom-order 500+ black sensors that blend seamlessly into the space design.


In Florida, where sunlight and heat are a given for much of the year, the Vive system allows for automated daylight harvesting to ensure the lighting dims automatically when there is sufficient sunlight in the space. Because sun exposure varies widely across the building facades, it is important the lighting in each area is tailored to the individual conditions in the space.


With Vive, individual, wireless daylight sensors ensure fixtures automatically dim in response to the daylight levels in each area, saving energy while delivering the right light throughout the day. 


The responsive features of the lighting system are critical to meeting LEED Gold requirements and staying true to the PGA TOUR’s environmental goals, including:


  1. Energy savings from automatic daylight adjustments
  2. The ability to monitor and respond to system status alerts that identify areas of energy waste
  3. Timeclock settings to ensure that lighting (with the exception of egress lighting) is automatically turned off after hours


A close up of seating options on PGA Tour HQ's second story outdoor area.

The facility features spectacular views from almost any angle, as well as many collaborative areas and inviting outdoor spaces.

A Focus on Flexibility

With the Vive system, PGA TOUR Electrical Technician Zach Rathbone can easily set up and tweak lighting schedules right from his iPhone app to accommodate individual requests. Pico switches in each conference room allow for local control in the space – a big hit with employees – and the ability to add, relocate, and reprogram wall control and sensors at any time. As the organization grows, the lighting system can easily accommodate space changes, making it an essential aspect of the building life cycle.


Sustainability, and a design that engages the natural landscape, are part of the building’s DNA and reach far beyond the lighting control solution. Biophilic design is woven throughout the space, along with a PV solar array and many other features that maximize natural light and reduce resultant solar heat gain.


The impact of the lighting isn't limited to work hours. The building exterior is beautifully lit at night, making a powerful and lasting impression on visitors and guests.

“It’s so easy to regroup and personalize the lighting, and those changes really do make people happy. It’s like magic to people when I walk around with my iPad and immediately make changes to meet their requests. Since all wall controls and sensors are wireless, it is simple to add, subtract, or move them as needed.”

Zach Rathbone

Electrical Technician, PGA TOUR



The open, inviting format fosters communication; people excited to be back in the office. The PGA TOUR believes the beautiful space helps attract and retain talent, and resonates with golf's high-end clientele. A wireless lighting system was always part of the design concept, and the Vive system helped PGA TOUR support budget goals, deliver all the capability needed, save on installation costs, and enhance building flexibility.


PGA TOUR could not be happier with its new facility or its manufacturing and trade partners. "Our controllable lighting system is clean, efficient, and very zone based; there has not [been] one person who has entered this building or even driven up to it and not said ‘Wow!’ It’s flexible, inviting, and totally in keeping with the brand and personality of PGA TOUR." - Michael Johnson, Sr. Vice President of Design and Construction Services

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