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Illuminate the human experience

Create extraordinary human experiences with lighting and shading solutions.

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What is human centric lighting?

Lighting isn't just illumination - it's a powerful philosophy that supports well-being, comfort, and productivity. Lutron HXL - a broad approach to human centric lighting, focused on the human experience - employs four elements of lighting design that allow people to be, work and feel their best.

group of people in office kitchen with warm lighting

Harness quality light

Flicker free. High fidelity. Consistent color. Quality light brings out the beauty of our spaces and is the foundation of the HXL experience.

women in an office kitchen with bright and natural lighting

Natural light

Maximize daylight in the built environment with Lutron dynamic shading. Recreate the experience of natural light with Ketra.

scientists in a lab with human centric lighting

Connect to the outdoors

Feel connected to nature with shading solutions that preserve views, reduce glare, and promote occupant comfort.

Lutron Pico lighting remote control

Adaptive and personalized control

Intelligent systems that know when and how to adapt lighting and shading. Personal control that empowers occupants to tailor their experience.

Human centric lighting in action

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