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Get more out of your real estate

The Athena Dashboard is building management and data visualization software that empowers real estate and facility management teams with the information they need to make smarter decisions - and maximize property value.

Get more out of your real estate

More Efficient Buildings

Utilize energy and space utilization reports from the Athena Dashboard to inform real estate decisions. Access the analytical reports from a desk or on the go, and easily export data to create custom reports.

Intuitive and Flexible Software

The Athena Dashboard visualizes building data through a range of curated views, from floorplans to time-bound charts to comparative graphs. See energy and occupancy trends across days, weeks, or a specific time range, and compare how different spaces perform in relationship to each other.


Deliver a system solution that evolves and appreciates in value over time. The Athena Dashboard visually demonstrates how system data is improved as new features are added. Ongoing subscription-service options can help maximize system value.

Energy Reporting

Energy Reporting

Navigate real-time and historical energy usage for a building, floor, or area


Space Utilization Reporting

Space Utilization Reporting

Identify underutilized spaces and compare room-performance trends to improve real estate decisions

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